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Introducing page-level enforcements and a new Policy center

As a publisher you face many challenges. One of the broadest and most encompassing of these is growing your user base while making sure your content remains high-quality and policy compliant. Your feedback has helped us understand this challenge, and we’re always working to improve. A few weeks ago, we announced two new AdSense features: page-level enforcements and a new Policy center. Today, we’re excited to let you know that these features are available globally for all AdSense publishers.

Page-level enforcements for more granular policy actions
To allow more precise enforcements, and provide you with feedback about policy issues as we identify them, we’re introducing page-level enforcements. A page-level enforcement affects individual pages where violations of the AdSense Program Policies are found. As a result, ad serving is restricted or disabled on those pages. Ads will continue to serve where no policy violations have been found, either at the page- or site-level.

When a new policy violation on one of your pages is identified, you’ll receive an email notification and ad serving will be restricted on that page. As this is a new feature, you may already have current page-level enforcements that were not surfaced through these email notifications. To make sure you’re not missing anything, head over to the new Policy center to review existing violations.

After you've addressed all policy violations on a page, you may request a review (previously known as an “appeal”). Reviews typically take one week but can sometimes take longer. We'll restore ad serving on the affected page or pages if a page is reviewed at your request and no policy violations are found. Alternatively, you can simply remove the AdSense ad code from that page and the page-level enforcement will disappear from the Policy center in about a week.

More transparency with the new AdSense Policy center

The AdSense Policy center is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about policy actions that affect your sites and pages. You’ll be able to see:
  • Non-compliant page(s) or site(s)
  • Why a page or site is non-compliant
  • Steps needed to make your page or site compliant 
  • Steps to request a review of the actioned page(s) or site(s)

Follow these steps to see your current page-level enforcements, and request a review of the actioned page(s):
  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click Settings, then click Policy center.
  3. In the "Page-level enforcements" section, find the site or sites that have page-level violations and click Show details.
  4. In the "Page" section, click the Down arrow to learn more about the enforcement, the violation(s) on the page, and how to fix them. 
  5. Click Request review and tick the box after you’ve made sure the violations on the page are fixed.
Our beta participants provided a lot of great feedback and suggestions on how to make the AdSense Policy center as useful as possible. We’re constantly looking to improve the clarity with which we communicate our policies and policy enforcements, so let us know what you think through the ”Send feedback” link in the AdSense menu.

Learn more about these updates in the AdSense Help Center or head over to the Policy center to try it out.

Posted by: John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications, 
Richard Zippel, Publisher Quality Product Manager and 
Nick Radicevic, AdSense Product Manager

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Tips Memperbaiki Duplikat Content yang muncul di Google Webmaster Tools

Tips Memperbaiki Duplikat Content yang muncul di Google Webmaster Tools

Salah satu alat bantu pemilik blog yang paling penting adalah google webmaster tool atau saat ini dikenal dengan sebutan google search console, tool ini dapat memberikan berbagai informasi yang bermanfaat terkait performa blog anda, salah satunya adalah mendeteksi duplikat konten yang terdapat pada blog sehingga anda bisa segera memperbaikinya.

Walaupun kita sudah merasa apik dalam mengelola

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Rekomendasi Kuliner Bandung yang Murah tapi Nikmat

Rekomendasi Kuliner Bandung yang Murah tapi Nikmat

Sumber Ngulon.com

Setidaknya ada 3 alasan yang membuat warga ibu kota dan kota lain di Jawa datang ke Bandung. Pertama karena kota ini memiliki cukup banyak wisata alam yang memikat. Wisatawan bisa mendatangi Kawah Putih, Tangkuban Perahu, atau wisata tematik di kawasan Lembang.

Kedua, Bandung memiliki pusat fesyen dan belanja. Mengunjungi kota ini seperti mengunjungi Paris sehingga berburu

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Ngeblog bukan Sekedar Update Artikel atau Konten

Ngeblog bukan Sekedar Update Artikel atau Konten

Selamat datang di konten curhatan.

Karena ini konten curhatan, mungkin Anda akan bosan sehingga ada baiknya saya memberikan 1 link yang mungkin lebih bermanfaat.

Apakah Blogger Harus Suka Internetan Berjam-jam?

Nah, bagi Anda yang masih berkenan membaca, maafkan saya jika saya egois sedikit. Hehehe.

Beberapa bulan terakhir, saya disibukkan dengan aktivitas ngeblog.

Selama itu pula saya

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2 cara terbaik mendapatkan uang dari aplikasi android secara gratis

2 cara terbaik mendapatkan uang dari aplikasi android secara gratis

Saat ini hp dengan sistem operasi android mampu menjadi perangkat yang paling banyak digemari di seluruh dunia, sehingga tidak heran penggunaan nya pun dari hari-ke hari semakin banyak, sayangnya kebanyakan pengguna android hanya berperan sebagai pengguna murni saja tidak lebih, padahal jika mereka tau, ada banyak kesempatan yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk menghasilkan uang dari aplikasi android

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AdSense Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdSense?

In short, AdSense is a free, simple way to make money by placing ads on your site.

Google’s ad network connects advertisers looking to run their ads on the web with publishers like you, looking to monetise your website, making it simple for everyone to succeed. AdSense connects publishers and advertisers, giving AdWords advertisers the opportunity to bid on ad space on websites like yours. 

By working with an ad network like AdSense, you can spend less time marketing and selling your advertising space and more time focused on creating the best content for your users. Learn more in the AdSense 101 article.

What do I need to sign up for AdSense?

As a site owner, you’ll need pages with unique content that's relevant to your visitors and that provides a great user experience. Before you apply to AdSense, make sure your site's pages are ready by visiting the AdSense Help Center. If you’re ready to turn your #PassionIntoProfit, sign up for AdSense today.

How do I know if I’m eligible to join the AdSense network?

Before applying for an account, make sure that the site you own has been active for at least six months, and complies with the AdSense program policies.

AdSense also works with products such as Blogger and YouTube to allow you to create host partner accounts. To be eligible for a hosted AdSense account via Blogger or YouTube, you must first meet certain eligibility requirements. Learn more about signing up for an AdSense account via YouTube.

How do I monetize my YouTube channel using AdSense?

To start earning money from your video content, you’ll need to apply for an AdSense account to link to your YouTube account. Follow these steps to become eligible to receive payments:
  1. Make sure your YouTube account is enabled for monetization. 
  2. Submit your application to create a new AdSense account to link with your YouTube account. Once approved, you'll see a "Host account" label on your AdSense homepage.
  3. If you also have your own non-host site where you’d like to show ads, then you’ll need to submit a one-time application form to tell us the URL of your site (you only need to complete this step if you want to monetize your site, and don’t need to take this action to earn money from your YouTube videos).
Providing that your site is following the AdSense program policies and you’ve completed 5 steps to getting paid, Google will send your first payment the month after your account exceeds $100 in earnings.

How can AdSense help me grow my online business?

AdSense helps you to create a revenue stream from the valuable content you host on your site. AdSense saves you time with a quick and easy setup allowing you to focus on the elements of your business that require your focus.

It’s like an automatic car -- it removes most of the manual adjustments, allowing you to cruise along with less effort. You still need regular “tune ups” to get optimal performance, but you won’t need to shift gears to get from point A to point B.

What is DoubleClick Ad Exchange?

DoubleClick Ad Exchange gives you real-time access to the largest pool of advertisers.The main difference between DoubleClick Ad Exchange and AdSense is that AdSense does a lot of the technical settings and optimization work for you, such as automating the sale of all your ad space to the highest bidder. With DoubleClick Ad Exchange you manage these adjustments yourself, controlling exactly how your inventory is sold.

As an example, DoubleClick Ad Exchange allows you to choose which ad space is for public sale and which is reserved for private auctions. This additional input from you helps you to get the best results from DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Another important distinction is that through AdSense, demand is primarily from AdWords advertisers, whereas DoubleClick Ad Exchange pulls demand from multiple sources. This means that in addition to AdWords advertisers, you can also access other major ad networks and agencies. Check out the more comprehensive list of differences at our Help Center.

Should I use DoubleClick for my site?

Check out our Choosing the right tools for you article to figure out if solutions from DoubleClick are right for your site.

Can I use AdSense to monetize my WordPress site?

WordPress doesn’t allow advertising on their free hosting plan (WordPress.com). If you’d like to show ads on your WordPress hosted site, then you’ll need to switch to a self-hosted WordPress.org domain. Visit our product forum and learn how to make this switch.

Can I monetize multiple sites under a single AdSense account?

Yes! AdSense allows you to add multiple sites in association to the same account. This will enable you to monitor the inventory on your sites from the same place, saving you valuable time. Here’s how to set up multiple sites on your account:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  3. Click My sites.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter the URL of the site that you'd like to add (e.g., example.com). If you're unsure which URL to enter, check the section on formatting the URLs of your sites below.
  6. Click Add site.
  7. Your site is added to your site list with a status of "verified".
Check out the Help Center for more info on this!

I’d like help growing my business with AdSense, does AdSense offer performance growth tips?

Yes it does! When setting up your account, simply check the box beside the “I’d like to receive performance suggestions” message.

If you already have an account, go to the Settings tab and check the “Performance Suggestions” box.

If I’m not using AdSense yet, how can I receive performance tips?

Follow AdSense on social media for daily tips on how to optimize your account and product updates; Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Also, watch the AdSense Optimization Library playlist on YouTube to learn AdSense best practices, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How do I get more traffic to my site?

First, you’ll want to take advantage of the options within Google Search Console to make sure your site is visible for search users. The AdSense Help Center has all the information you’ll need to submit your site for index, diagnose any problems, and identify which keyword queries are driving traffic to your site.

Next, follow the Long-term revenue framework, a tool often used by our AdSense optimization experts, to better understand the four levers that can help you grow and develop your site.

Also, catchy titles are a way of pushing referral traffic from social media platforms, and Brandon Gaille wrote a great guest-blog for us that lays out how to approach naming your content.

Be sure to follow AdSense best practice policies when planning your strategy, to avoid violations on your account. It’s important to know that in order to maintain ad serving on your site and keep an AdSense account active, it's the responsibility of the publisher to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the AdSense program policies.

How do I increase clickthrough rates (CTR) in AdSense?

Please see our recent response to this question on Quora where Symone Gamble shared her best practices.

What are responsive ad units?

Responsive ad units automatically control the size of your ads using a single piece of ad code. They also allow ads to be resized after a screen orientation change. Using a responsive ad unit will allow your site to show the most appropriate ad size according to your user's device, and will help you to maximize your revenue potential. Learn more about how responsive ad units work and then check out how to customize responsive ads to match the style of your site.

How can I make my site load faster?

Tools like PageSpeed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Test can be used to audit the speed of your site, identify possible problems, and even suggest solutions. From there, follow these 5 tips to improve page speed published on the Inside AdSense blog and then print out the Ultimate Page Speed Infographic for mobile-specific advice.

Why do I have invalid traffic deductions in my AdSense account?

How do I stop my site getting hacked?

HTTPS protocol ensures your servers are talking to who they are expected to be talking to and the conversation cannot be interrupted by anyone else, and that content cannot be altered in transit.

Make sure your software is up to date: this might seem common sense, but up-to-date software means there are no holes or faults that might make you vulnerable to people with a less than honourable intention.

Passwords: Using safe, secure, and complex passwords will protect the security of your site. Avoid words that contain common words, names of friends, family and pets as these are all easily attainable using social media, leaving yourself at risk. Don’t forget to change your password regularly; set yourself a reminder to change your password every few months.

What can I do if a site that I don't own is using my AdSense code?

Since site code is readily available to anyone who inspects your page, it's possible for someone to copy your ad code and paste it on a site you don’t own. In this case, if the ad code ends up on a site that violates the AdSense program policies, your account will receive a policy warning.

To prevent this, site authorization is an optional feature that lets you identify your verified sites as the only sites that are permitted to use your Google ad code.

Learn more about site authorization on the AdSense YouTube channel.

How to stop certain ads from appearing on my site?

The AdSense 101: You’re in control video will show you how to control the ads displayed on your site.

Why is there a decline in my AdSense revenue?

If your earnings have taken a dip, we recommend you check 4 engagement metrics in the performance tab of your AdSense account:
  1. Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  2. Cost per click (CPC)
  3. Page revenue per thousand impressions (page RPM)
  4. Page views
Here’s a few resources to help you identify the potential causes, and nextstep solutions to solve them.
What are AdSense experiments and how can I run an experiment?

AdSense recently introduced automatic experiments, which allow you to take a back seat as Google runs A/B tests on a small portion of your traffic. To enable the feature, just visit the "Experiments" page on your Optimization tab, and switch on "automatic experiments".

The opportunities generated from these experiments will appear in the “Opportunities” page on your Optimization tab. They'll be labelled "verified by experiment,” so you’ll know they’re backed by data and tailored to your site and users.

Posted by: Jay Castro from the AdSense team

Senin, 22 Mei 2017

Tips Seo Page Views Untuk Website

Tips Seo Untuk Blogger
Rasanya cukup lama juga saya tidak membuat artikel atau postingan pada blog ini itu karena saya sekarang ini lagi sibuk banget untuk cari uang buat jajan anak jadi boleh dikatan beberapa blog-blog saya hampir semuanya terbengkalai.Rasanya kangen juga dalam hal menulis dan kali ini saya akan bahas tentang Tips Seo Page Views Untuk Website berikut penjelasannya.

a. Membuat Internal Link.
Buatlah intenal link ke postingan sebelumnya jika postingan yang kita buat ada hubungannya Jumlah link internal pun harus proporsional agar tidak mengganggu kenyamanan pembaca.Jangan lupa berilah warna link sejelas mungkin agar mudah diidentifikasi oleh pengunjung dan untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan kalian buka artikel saya kemaren tentang: Cara Membuat Internal Link Yang Benar.

b. Mengolah Navigasi Sederhana.
Navigasi di sini adalah halaman kategori tempat pencarian dan arsip yang mudah dikenali dan dilihat pengunjung.Oleh karena itu sediakan dan buatlah navigasi yang mudah dikenali pengunjung Misalnya pengunjung dapat dengan mudah melihat arsip pada 6 bulan yang lalu. Apabila website kalian menggunakan wordpress kalian bisa menggunakan plugin Wp Archives untuk membuat arsip yang lebih informatif.

c. Direferensikan Oleh Blogger Sahabat.
Pengunjung akan meningkat bila ada Blogger lain yang mereferensikan postingan atau blog kita.Terlebih bila yang mempromosikannya adalah blogger terkenal tentunya ini bergantung kepada kualitas konten yang kita miliki.Dan untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara penerapannya silahkan buka pada artikel: Trik Seo Blogger dan Tips Seo Terbaru 2017.

d. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Search engine optimization (SEO) merupakan upaya mengoptimasi blog untuk mejaring pengunjung dari mesin pencari Semakin bagus posisi blog atau postingan di mesin pencari umpamanya di halaman pertama Google maka semakin besar pula peluang mendapatkan pengunjung. Apabila tertarik dengan SEO silakan baca postingan saya sebelumnya yaitu: Cara Agar Blog Muncul di Halaman Google.

e. Buat Sesi RSS Pada Blogger.
Sesi ini sangat mudah dibuat di wordpress atau blogger karena ada widget RSS yang telah disediakan oleh pihak pengembang.Dengan mengaktifkan widget ini maka postingan terbaru akan muncul di blog yang lain.Dan secara pribadi saya menempatkan sesi RSS di Blogotainmen dan blog gratisan saya sehingga postingan terbaru Tips Seo Untuk Blogger akan muncul secara otomatis.Sedangkan Faktor internal adalah faktor-faktor yang membuat pengunjung nyaman dan tertarik membuka postingan pada blog yang kita punyai contohnya seperti pada artikel saya: Tips Menulis Artikel Seo Friendly.

f. Kuantitas Artikel Blog.
Selain kualitas kuantitas postingan juga berpengaruh terhadap page views semakin banyak jumlah postingan semakin banyak pula postingan yang bisa dibaca pengunjung.Coba kalian baca di tulisan saya terdahulu: Tips Seo Blogger Pada Off Page.

g. Blogwalking atau Mengunjungi Blog Tetangga.
Blagwalking adalah mengunjungi blog orang lain dan meninggalkan komentar di blog tersebut semakin rajin blogwalking semakin besar pula dikunjungi oleh pemilik blog lain atau pengunjung blog bersangkutan yang tertarik terhadap komentar.Agar efektif berikan komentar yang berkualitas saat blogwalking sehingga memancing ketertarikan blogger lain untuk mengunjungi blog milik kita.Dan salah satu contoh tulisan saya bisa kalian baca: Tips Seo Blogger Pada On Page.

h. Cara Membuat Judul Yang Menarik.
Bila mengunjungi suatu blog mungkin saja mengklik beberapa postingan yang ada di blog tersebut Kenapa? Hal ini karena kita tertarik ingin mengetahui lebih jauh isi postingan tersebut oleh karena itu buatlah judul yang menarik salah satu contoh seperti Trik Seo Buat Blog.Jika belum familiar dengan hal ini silakan simak artikel saya yang kemaren tentang: Cara Membuat Keyword Pada Artikel.

i. Submit Artikel Blog Pada Sosial Bookmarking.
Kita bisa mendaftarkan postingan ke beberapa situs sosial bookmarking Untuk blog bahasa Indonesia bisa menggunakan Detik dot Com atau yang lainnya.Jika postingan ada yang menjadi artikel hot maka jumlah pengunjung dari situs ini sangat besar yaitu mencapai ribuan orang per hari.Silahkan baca artikel: Cara Submit Artikel atau Blog.

j. Template Blogger.
Apapun hosting dan theme atau template yang digunakan desainlah blog agar loading timenya cepat dengan demikian pengunjung tidak terganggu dalam membuka postingan yang kita miliki.Salah satu artikel saya pernah membahasnya yaitu: Gratis Template Seo Friendly Untuk Blogger.

Tips Seo Untuk Blogger.
Di bawah ini bisa digunakan untuk memperoleh loading time yang relatif cepat:
- Sedikit mungkin memasang banner yang terbuat dari java script.
- Seoptimal mungkin mengguanakan widget.
- Gunakan plugin seperlunya hapus juga plugin yang tidak digunakan agar tidak memakan tempat di database hosting.

k. Tempatkanlah Iklan PPC Secara Proporsional.
Postingan yang dipenuhi iklan akan membingungkan pembaca sehingga besar kemungkinan akan lekas kabur dari blog kita.Nah oleh karena itu tempatkanlah iklan tersebut secara proporsional misal di bawah postingan saja.Dan bagi yang belum mempunyai iklan atau adsense pada blog kalian bisa baca artikel saya tentang: Cara Agar Adsense di Terima Google.

l. Buatlah Sesi Artikel Terpopuler dan Terbaru.
Postingan terpopuler akan bermanfaat bagi pengunjung baru sehingga bisa mengenali postingan mana yang paling banyak dibaca di blog.Adapun postingan terbaru akan memberikan informasi terkini baik kepada pengunjung baru ataupun pengunjung lama.Lalu bagaimana agar postingan atau artikel kita terdahulu bisa tetap eksis pada serach engine? Nah coba baca artikel ini: Cara Agar Artikel Lama Tetap Bertahan Pada Serp Google.

m. Menjadi Blogger Tamu.
Dengan menjadi blogger tamu di blog ternama kita berkesempatan untuk melink ke postingan atau homepage.Dan dengan demikian peluang mendapatkan banyak pengunjung semakin besar bagi yang kurang faham buka postingan saya kemaren tentang: Trik Seo WordPress dan Blogger Terbaru.

n. Buat Sesi Artikel Terkait.
Tidak semua artikel atau postingan harus disisipi link internal agar pengunjung mengetahui postingan relevan dengan postingan yang tidak ada link internalnya maka buatlah sesi postingan terkait.Apabila menggunakan wordpress.org postingan terkait dibuat dengan menggunakan plugin sedangkan pada blogspot lebih mudah lagi.Silahkan kalian buka pada artikel terdahulu: Cara Dongkrak Artikel Lama Pada Search Engine Google.

o. Selalu Aktif Pada Forum.
Forum merupakan salah satu sarana yang bisa gunakan untuk mempromosikan postingan Biasanya membuat thread atau link ke postingan.Apabila postingan kita menjadi ngetop jumlah pengunjung yang didapatkan tidak jauh beda dengan jumlah pengunjung dari situs sosial bookmarking.

v. Bikinlah Artikel.
Serial artkel atau postingan serial adalah postingan bersambung dari satu topik yang tidak mungkin dibahas dalam satu postingan saja.Umpamanya saja kita akan menulis topik Cerita Silat Kho Ping Hoo dan itu kita bisa membuatnya sampai beberapa kali postingan.Bila pengunjung menemukan salah satu tulisan di atas besar kemungkinan dia akan melihat 2 postingan yang lainnya karena memang sambung menyambung.

Nah demikianlah yang bisa saya tulis untuk saat ini moga saja ini semua bisa bermanfaat dan terima kasih pula bagi yang selalu support blog ini dan Terima kasih pula untuk para blogger yang saat ini sedang membaca artikel saya tentang sekaligus membaca artikel Tips Seo Page Views Untuk Website.

Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

3 Ciri Google adsense Anda sudah diterima alias full approve

3 Ciri Google adsense Anda sudah diterima alias full approve

Sampai saat ini google adsense menjadi salah satu media periklanan yang paling banyak diminati di seluruh dunia, asalannya media periklanan milik google ini mampu membayar publishernya dengan nilai yang cukup tinggi, sebenarnya ada banyak sekali media periklanan di internet yang bisa kita pilih untuk memonetisasi blog, tapi tetap saja jika dibandingkan dengan google adsense, media periklanan

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

Upadate Xiaomi  MIUI dapat mengatasi lag/lemot pada kamera, suara dan pemutar video bawaan xiaomi

Upadate Xiaomi MIUI dapat mengatasi lag/lemot pada kamera, suara dan pemutar video bawaan xiaomi

Permasalahan yang banyak dialami oleh pengguna xiaomi terutama xiomi redmi note 4 dan note 3 adalah lemot dan lag, permasalahan ini muncul ketika pengguna menggunakan kamera dan pemutar video bawaan xiaomi, permasalahan lainnya juga sering terjadi pada kualitas suara, baik ketika memutar musik mp3, maupun ketika bermain game, suara yang dihasilkan terkadang sangat berisik tidak bagus,

Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

#8 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet Nyaris tanpa Modal dan Terbukti Menghasilkan

#8 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet Nyaris tanpa Modal dan Terbukti Menghasilkan

Pada saat ini ada banyak cara untuk mendapatkan uang, kebanyakan dari kita mungkin masih berfikir bahwa salah satu cara untuk mendapatkan uang adalah dengan bekerja offline. padahal jika anda tau untuk saat ini ada banyak sekali peluang  pekerjaan yang bisa dikerjakan di rumah dengan santai tanpa beban sebagai pekerjaan sampingan atau pun pekerjaan utama, salah satunya yaitu dengan memanfaatkan

Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Introducing “Ad balance” - focus on your best-performing ads

May 8, 2017 Update: We've heard your feedback on the empty spaces resulting from an unfilled ad unit. Over the next few weeks, we’ll begin to automatically collapse unfilled ad units -- if it's safe to do so without affecting the look and feel of your site. By using “Ad balance” you’re automatically opted-in to this update.

Thank you for providing feedback to help us improve this and other AdSense features!


Over the last few weeks you may have noticed the Ad balance subtab under My ads. This new AdSense feature will give you more control to create a great ads experience for your users.

Ad balance lets you reduce the number of ads you show to your users. Finding the right balance between the number of ads you show and the user experience on your site can lead to better overall engagement with your content. With Ad balance, you’re able to see how changes in the volume of ads you show affect your earnings, and find the balance that makes the most sense for you and your users.

By only showing your best-performing ads, you may see a minimal drop in your earnings. However, these changes may result in an overall earnings increase, since an improvement of the user experience often leads to users staying longer on your site and engaging with more of your content*.

Blog post img-01.png
Ad balance is the first example of a Lab that's being made available to all publishers. Those of you who had the Show fewer ads lab enabled have been automatically moved over to Ad balance**. Thank you for trying it out!

To learn more about this new feature, please visit the Help Center.

We’d love to hear what you think about Ad balance. Please leave your feedback within your AdSense account by clicking send feedback.

Posted by:
Dongcai Shen, Software Engineer
Rikard Lundmark, Software Engineer
Spandana Raj Babbula, Software Engineer

*We don’t guarantee any specific results. And, just as a reminder, you’re responsible for the content and layout of your site.
**Find out how you turn this feature on and off and make changes to your settings in the AdSense Help Center.

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Cara Menggunakan disavow tool untuk menghindari dampak backlink negatif

Cara Menggunakan disavow tool untuk menghindari dampak backlink negatif

Saya yakin jika anda pemula di dunia seo atau anda sedang belajar seo, setidaknya pernah mendengar kata disavow, namun saya yakin anda akan bingung apa itu disavow tool dan apa fungsinya, seperti apa yang saya alami ketika pertama kali mengenal istilah ini, disavow sebenarnya tool online yang terdapat di google webmaster tool yang dapat membantu pemilik situs untuk memberitahukan mesin pencari

Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

6 Tips Cerdas Mengatasi Trafik blog yang turun tiba-tiba

6 Tips Cerdas Mengatasi Trafik blog yang turun tiba-tiba

Saya yakin anda akan kesal, jengkel, campur aduk ketika anda mendapati trafik blog kesayangan anda tiba-tiba turun secara drastis, padahal anda merasa tidak melakukan apa-apa. perlu anda tahu bahwa kasus seperti ini bukan anda saja yang mengalaminya, tetapi hampir semua blogger yang sudah malang melintang di dunia blogger juga saya yakin pernah mengalaminya.

Turunnya trafik blog/situs secara

Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

AdSense 101: Building your brand

8 minutes to read
Now that you’ve got your account setup, and you’re writing winning content, it’s time to build a quality brand and create a sustainable revenue stream with AdSense.


What separates a website from a brand? Credibility, consistency, and community.

Think of the websites you visit most - chances are they’re updated regularly with content that’s familiar and trustworthy. You can also navigate these sites intuitively, without putting any thought into how you’re consuming the content you love or where the links you’re looking for are positioned.

In this blog, we’ll cover how to effectively measure how well your site is performing, how to use experiments to uncover new insights, a
nd how to lay out your site in a way that engages your readers.

Measure your performance with reports 

Only by digging deep into how visitors engage with your site can you identify the roadblocks that may keep them from returning. 

To make sure you’re up-to-date with everything you need to know, check the ‘common reports’ tab in your AdSense account dashboard. Focus on the following key areas to analyze your overall account performance.
  • The reporting dashboard gives you a quick summary of three main reporting metrics: estimated earnings, page views, and revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). It’s a great way to quickly check the overall health of your account. 
  • The entire account by day report helps you analyze daily performance, and gives you a better understanding of why your earnings change over time. If you’ve made recent changes to ad units or placements, then it’s a great way to measure how the adjustments affected click-through rates. 
To find this report, visit the Performance reports tab, then Common reports on the left-hand panel, select Ad units and then add Platforms from the top as a secondary dimension. 
  • Use Ad units + Performance to measure your campaign success by device. CTR and Active View Viewable (AVV) are the key metrics to monitor here, with AVV showing you how many of your total measurable impressions were truly viewable. If an ad’s active view percentage is below 50%, then consider placing it in a more prominent area to improve engagement. To learn more about viewability, check out DoubleClick's 5 Factors of Display Viewability.
  • The Platforms report identifies how ads are performing on different devices. For example, you may find that your ad units are performing better on mobile devices than on desktop (or vice versa). If that’s the case, then measure your web traffic and make sure that your ads are optimized for the devices you receive most traffic from. 
  • If you manage multiple domains within a single account, then use the Sites report to compare performance. The report is especially helpful if you have different mobile and desktop versions of the same site, allowing you to find new ways to optimize UI for consistent experience across devices. 

Every website is different, so if there are specific metrics you want to target, then learn how to create your own reports to measure what matters to you. 

Use experiments to discover new opportunities

AdSense Experiments split your site traffic into two different ad settings, so you can compare performance and make more informed decisions. 

There are three different ways to run experiments on your content:
  1. Design it yourself by choosing the ad setting and variation you’d like to test.
  2. Choose an experiment from an opportunity on your Optimization page. 
  3. Use automatic experiments, which allows AdSense to run experiments on a small portion of your web traffic that are tailored to your website. 
Experiments can help you to measure the impact of both ad content and ad style on your earnings. Discover whether ‘text only’ or ‘text and display ads’ capture the attention of your audience, and whether or not changing the colors of your ads helps them to blend in.  

We recommend allowing automatic experiments on your site, as a time-efficient and easy way to inform your decision-making. 

Improve the usability of your site

Great content can get lost when it’s hosted on a website with poor usability. Pages that are slow, needlessly complex, or difficult to navigate are more likely to disrupt your visitors focus and drive them away.

For a better UX, we recommend focusing on the 4 S’s: Speed, scroll, style, and simple. 

Speed: A recent study by Google found a strong correlation between page speed and key performance indicators like revenue, bounce rate, session duration, and viewability. Web users are impatient when it comes to loading times, and are likely to get frustrated and abandon slow pages. 

To measure the speed of your website, use PageSpeed Insights or the Web Developer Kit. And if you’re looking for some quick fixes to improve loading times, consider asynchronous loading, lazy loading, or AMP.

Finally, use the mobile web speed toolkit for in-depth and tactical recommendations to get your website up to speed. 

Scroll: Infinite scroll continues to add new content at the bottom of your page, taking away the need to load new pages. 

It’s ideal for publishers that post lengthy articles, tutorials, or slideshows, and works particularly well for websites focused on mobile consumption. 

Style: Your website needs to look attractive and consistent across all pages to build immediate trust with new visitors. Focus on two areas: content style and ad style. 

For content style, choose a theme, layout, and color scheme, then stick to it. Consistency is key to developing a brand that your readers will grow comfortable and familiar with. 

Responsive web design improves UX by maintaining the same look and feel to your site regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. 

With ad style, the first thing to consider is how they will affect the flow of content on your site. Placing ads at natural breaks in your narrative, or in areas where the user’s attention may have waned, can improve UX and may encourage a higher CTR (click-through rate). 

When placing ads, take some time to consider your options. Responsive ads automatically adapt to your user’s screen size, while native ads and matched content may help you unlock new ad revenue. 

Simple: The best digital content is scannable, snappy, and intuitive. By focusing on simplicity, you’re removing the roadblocks that potentially stop users from enjoying your content. 

Here’s some tips to make sure your site is as easy as possible to engage with:

If you think AdSense is a fit for your website, then sign up and get started.

Posted by Jay Castro, @jayciro

Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

Ini Cara Membuat Teks Pesan Whatsapp Tebal, Miring dan coret!

Ini Cara Membuat Teks Pesan Whatsapp Tebal, Miring dan coret!

Kita ketahui bersama bahwa saat ini ada banyak sekali aplikasi chating berbasis mobile yang bisa digunakan secara gratis, salah satu aplikasi chating yang sedang populer saat ini adalah whats app, aplikasi ini banyak dipilih oleh pengguna android karena selain gratis aplikasi ini dikenal cepat dan ringan serta fiturnya tidak kalah dengan aplkikasi serupa lainnya yang lebih dulu populer, dengan
More advertising options for the mobile web

More advertising options for the mobile web

At Google, our policy teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone in the mobile digital advertising ecosystem - users, advertisers and publishers.  Part of this involves listening to our mobile publishers concerns. One such concern that we are addressing in this policy update involves the limitations we’ve previously placed on 300x250 sized ad units.

We recognize the frustration around limitations we’ve placed on this sized unit on mobile webpages, and starting May 2, 2017 we will no longer disallow this ad unit from being placed above the fold on mobile web pages.  After careful review, we've determined that when 300x250 ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way, the ads do not annoy, distract, or result in ad performance issues.

With the removal of this restriction, you still must be vigilant to ensure that their mobile site layouts do not cause ads to push the page content below the fold in such a way that may lead to accidental clicks. To ensure a good user experience, we still recommend the site content should be clear and accessible above the fold. See our optimization guide for the mobile Web for tips on where to place your ads.

As well as having a mobile-friendly site, it's important to provide a good user experience for your mobile audience. By focussing on your mobile site's design, content, and ad placements you could help to increase user engagement. In turn, this could lead to an increase in your mobile ad revenue in the long-term.  For guidance on ad implementation best practices, please review our help center.

We hope you find this to be a positive update. Keep providing us with feedback!

Posted by John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications

Senin, 01 Mei 2017

Ingin Belajar SEO ? : 5 istilah ini wajib anda pahami (khusus pemula)

Ingin Belajar SEO ? : 5 istilah ini wajib anda pahami (khusus pemula)

Ketika dulu saya baru pertama mengenal blog, selain mempelajari teknik bagaimana cara menulis artikel yang baik, hal lainnya yang saya pelajari adalah tentang SEO (search enggine optimization), alasanya adalah karena dulu saya dapat informasi bahwa jika ingin blog mudah ditemukan di mesin pencari maka yang harus dipelajari adalah SEO.

Ketika pertama kali mulai belajar SEO, benar-benar sulit,
Cara Mengatasi Lag / Lemot Pada HP Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Kamera / Pemutar Video / Sound)

Cara Mengatasi Lag / Lemot Pada HP Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Kamera / Pemutar Video / Sound)

HP Xiaomi memang saat ini bisa dibilang sedang naik daun, bahkan di indonesia sendiri sepertinya jumlah pengguna xiaomi dari hari ke hari semakin meningkat, penyebab utamanya karena ponsel yang satu ini mampu menawarkan spesifikasi yang tinggi dengan harga yang relative murah jika dibandingkan dengan merk hp lainnya yang memiliki spesifikasi serupa, tapi walaupun murah tetap tidak menjadikan hp