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6 Dampak Buruk Jarang update artikel terhadap trafik blog

6 Dampak Buruk Jarang update artikel terhadap trafik blog

Saya yakin jika anda seorang blogger anda pasti pernah merasa bosan, suntuk dan malas dengan aktivias blogging, sehingga blognya tidak diurus, jarang di update dan akhirnya terbengkalai. terkait update artikel, ada beberapa pemahaman, walaupun istilah update artikel sebenarnya lebih cocok untuk mengedit atau memodifikasi artikel yang sudah ada, tetapi banyak blogger menggunakan istilah update
Trik Menulis Artikel Seo Friendly agar bisa muncul di halaman 1 google (page one)

Trik Menulis Artikel Seo Friendly agar bisa muncul di halaman 1 google (page one)

Hallo gan, waduh sudah lama sekali saya tidak lagi berkecimpung dalam membuat artikel di blog ini akhirnya blog ini kurang terawat, dampaknya adalah trafik relative turun walaupun lambat, dengan adanya kasus ini saya jadi bisa narik kesimpulan ternyata kuantitas dan kualitas dalam menerbitkan artikel berbanding lurus dengan trafik yang didapat.

Oh ya ngomong-ngomong tentang trafik sebuah blog, 

Jumat, 28 April 2017

Alat untuk Meningkatkan Posisi Artikel [Studi Kasus Forum]

Alat untuk Meningkatkan Posisi Artikel [Studi Kasus Forum]

"Jangan remehkan forum."

Itu adalah rahasia terbesar saya mengenai cara meningkatkan traffic.

...dan mendompleng posisi artikel di SERP.

Berkat konten-konten yang saya poskan di forum, saya mendapatkan beberapa keuntungan. Antara lain:

Jaringan dan koneksi
Pengunjung baru
Kritik dan saran

5 hal itu mutlak dibutuhkan oleh semua blogger yang serius ngeblog. Tidak ada

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Help Google Publishing Solutions improve its services and products

We’d like to personally invite you to share your thoughts with us in this 10-15 minutes survey so that we can keep improving your experience with us.

In the past, we have used your responses to improve how we help you, ways you interact with our product, and what type of features we offer. This year the survey is shortened and mobile friendly. Our questions should take about 10-15 minutes to answer.

You may have received a survey by email over the last few weeks, if so please take the time to respond to it as we value your input.

To make sure that you're eligible to receive the next survey email, please:

Whether you’ve completed this survey before or you’re providing feedback for the first time, we’d like to thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts. We’re looking forward to feedback!

Posted by Susie Reinecke - AdSense Publisher Happiness Team

Rabu, 26 April 2017

AdSense 101: Create and share winning content

6 minute read

Content is everything we consume online. Users arrive on a site to be educated, entertained, inspired, or complete a task.

Content is how you win new site visitors, and how you entice them to return. So it’s important to remember that, though ads are driving revenue, content should be the focal point of every page.

With that in mind, part three of our series for new publishers focuses on how to plan, write, and promote great content. If you missed part one (AdSense 101) or part two (AdSense best practices), then check them out and get caught up.


The keys to engaging, shareable content

Be targeted, consistent, and frequent: Take the time to figure out who is reading your content and which topics they engage with most (we’ll get into the mechanics of this later on). Update your site as often as possible with fresh content, tailored to your audience.

Use video where possible: People crave video, users from around the world are now watching a billion hours of YouTube’s incredible content every single day! Video personalizes your brand and can boost the amount of time user’s spend on your site.

Be readable: Successful online content is scannable and snappy; follow these best practices to make sure your articles look enticing to viewers:
  • Don’t use more than 7 sentences per paragraph 
  • Keep your column width between 700 and 800 pixels 
  • Organize your content with headers and subheaders.
Stay on top of trends: Use online tools like Google Trends to identify subjects your audience is interested in, and discuss them while they’re still fresh. Trends is also really useful for location targeting - identifying popular topics and keywords in your target areas. 

Incorporate evergreen content: Evergreen content is information that stays useful and relevant no matter when it’s consumed. While trending topics should be used to generate buzz, evergreen content will bring a consistent source of referral traffic that may boost your position on organic search pages.

Figure out what works, and do more of it

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to link Google Analytics and AdSense. Otherwise, the following recommendations will not be applicable for you.

UsingAnalytics (1).png

Content groups allow you to bundle your content into different lists, to analyze the themes that drive most engagement with your audience. For example, if you run a digital marketing blog, you could create content groups around SEO, social media, PPC campaigns etc. 

After setting your groups, use the AdSense page report to view and compare metrics. You may discover that your audience is interested in one particular theme - if so, try to focus on that topic more at the expense of groups with less engagement. For example, if your foodie blog has more views on food truck review articles than any other group, then adapt your content strategy to include more of that content.

The Landing Page report in Google Analytics helps you understand where users landed on your site, and where they left from. This will give you insights into the type of content that draws visitors from external sites, and may highlight content that should be re-worked due to poor metrics.

To get the most value from the Landing Page report, track the following:
  • Look for pages with high bounce rates. If you find that one or two areas of your site drive your users towards the exit, then ask yourself what you could do to improve them.
  • If you’ve got quality content that’s not attracting new visitors, then play with the headline or experiment with different primary images to promote it. 
  • Analyze page speed. 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. If some of your pages are slower than others, then it’s likely they contain bloated elements. Consider compressing images or getting rid of animated files. Check out the tactical recommendations to increase page speed in part two of this series.
Plan ahead with your audience in mind

Use the Demographics and Interests tab in your Google Analytics account to understand who’s reading your content, and what their interests are (you’ll need to enable this feature before getting started).

The Demographics report will give you insights into the age and gender of your audience, and allows you to segment these groups to see how different people react to your content.

Use the Interest report to shape your content to your audience’s interests, and identify upcoming events they may be interested in. For example, if fans of your digital marketing blog are also interested in new technology and gadgets, you could mention these learnings across your social channels to increase your following.

At this point, you’ll have accumulated data from content grouping, as well as the Landing Page, Demographics, and Insights reports. Use it all to paint a picture of your average user, what they enjoy, what they dislike - then use those insights to build a content calendar.

A content calendar will allow you to plan a content strategy that’s focused on the topics you know your audience enjoys. Be sure to research seasonal events related to your industry or product, so you can discuss them while they’re still relevant.

Build an audience on social

Growing an audience on social media can provide publishers with a consistent source of referral traffic to their sites. As with content, the best way to compel users to follow your social accounts is to provide them with consistent value.
ContentThatSells_White (1).png
Here’s some tips to help you set up and maintain a strong social presence:
  • Don’t be too self-promotional. You’ll want to link back to your content, but if that’s all you focus on, potential followers will lose interest. 
  • Use your content calendar to prepare posts around upcoming events in advance. Users care less about an Oscars tweet a week after the ceremony. 
  • Create relationships with influencers. Retweet them, mention them in a favorable way, and link to their content. These relationships can lead to guest-blogging opportunities or retweets from an account with a large audience. This tactic can help you break through your current organic reach to access new users. 
  • Build relationships with your users. Answer their questions promptly, engage with them in conversations. If your audience feels valued, they’ll be much more likely to help you promote your content. 
  • Use Google Trends to discover trending topics on a daily basis, and tie in posts with popular conversations. 
For a list of helpful tools to help you manage your social accounts and build your audience, read our ‘Amplify your content with social’ blog post.

And make sure to check in next week, when our series for new publishers continues with a post on improving performance to potentially maximize profits.

If you think AdSense is a fit for your site, then sign up now and get started.

‘Til next time.

Posted by: Jay Castro, @jayciro

Minggu, 23 April 2017

10 Web Hosting Paling Terekomendasi di Indonesia

10 Web Hosting Paling Terekomendasi di Indonesia

Jumlah domain yang terdaftar di dunia terus mengalami peningkatan dari waktu ke waktu. Data yang dilansir webhosting.info menyatakan, hingga April 2017 jumlah domain yang aktif sebanyak 159.702.918. Jumlah ini diprediksi akan terus meningkat dibarengi kian meratanya internet di seluruh dunia.

Pertumbuhan ini juga terjadi di Indonesia. Ditandai dengan kian banyaknya perusahaan yang menjadi

Sabtu, 22 April 2017

Masuk Halaman Pertama Google Dengan Teknik SEO Kompleks

Masuk Halaman Pertama Google Dengan Teknik SEO Kompleks

Ada banyak cara yang bisa kita upayakan agar artikel masuk halaman pertama google, bisa dengan seo maupun dengan beriklan di google. Untuk masalah seo banyak yang mengatakan SEO bukanlah ilmu pasti yang bisa dijalankan oleh siapa saja, benarkah itu?, tidak dipungkiri bahwa dalam menekuni dunia blogging butuh yang namanya strategi dan juga langkah-langkah yang pasti sehingga hasilnya juga cukup

Jumat, 21 April 2017

[Cocok untuk Pemula] Cara Menghilangkan Tulisan Diberdayakan oleh Blogger

[Cocok untuk Pemula] Cara Menghilangkan Tulisan Diberdayakan oleh Blogger

Sudah memakai template yang keren banget tapi tiba-tiba rasanya ada yang ngganjel.

...ada tulisan Diberdayakan oleh Blogger.

Jujur, saya pertama kali ngeblog, yang saya lakukan adalah menghapus tulisan Diberdayakan oleh Blogger (dalam bahasa inggris Powered by Blogger)..

Tapi caranya bagaimana ya, di tata letak tidak ada tombol hapusnya.

Begitulah isi pikiran saya kala itu.

Lantas saya
Cara Membuat Website Tanpa Kursus Yang Mahal

Cara Membuat Website Tanpa Kursus Yang Mahal

Saat ini banyak sekali tempat kursus offline maupun online untuk membuat blog atau website. Jumlah pengguna internet yang terus meningkat menambah kebutuhan akan blog dan wesbite juga meningkat. Ada banyak alasan orang membuat website, baik untuk kepentingan bisnis maupun sebagai portofolio online saja.

Sekarang tidak susah menjadi apa saja di internet. Bahkan beberapa perusahaan besar akan

Selasa, 18 April 2017

AdSense best practice: Set yourself up for success

7 minutes to read

In part two of our series for new publishers to turn their #PassionIntoProfit, we’ll cover three steps you can take to set up you up for success. Following these insights won’t guarantee success, however it will give more opportunities for your ads to perform, while making sure they complement your site’s user experience.

To get started, we’ll discuss three topics:

  • Optimal ad placement
  • Mobile optimization
  • How to avoid policy violations

If you’re looking for an introductory overview of AdSense, check out the first part of this series where we cover the basics of AdSense.


Make the most of your ad placement

It’s important to keep the user in mind when deciding where to place ads. You want your ads to perform well, but adding too many can clutter your page for users.

Before you decide where to place ads, ask these 4 questions:

  • How do your users engage with your site? 
  • Where is their attention going to be focused? 
  • How can you place ads in focus areas without getting in the way of your content? 
  • How can you keep all of your pages easy to navigate?

It’s a best practice to place ads next to the content your visitors are most likely to focus on, but take the time to make sure ads are clearly separate and identifiable from your content.  Remember that ads that confuse or mislead visitors violate the AdSense program policies and are not allowed. Other ad placement actions that can lead to policy violations include:

Here are a few ad placement best practices that may improve the viewability of your ads.

  • For mobile sites, place a 320x100 ad above the fold, where it will be visible to everyone who lands on your page. 
  • For desktop sites, use vertical ad units, which remain visible as users move around a page. The 300x600 layout is one of the fastest growing ad sizes, and is popular with advertisers who want to increase brand awareness.
  • Try to lay out your content in a way that holds your visitor’s attention and entices them to continue reading. 

Optimize for mobile

Today, there are now more searches on mobile than on desktop. This increase in mobile traffic has increased user expectations of mobile site performance. Meeting the expectations of mobile users continues to be a challenge for publishers. 53% of mobile users will abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, with that number rising to 74% for pages that take longer than 5 seconds.


Despite this heavy shift towards mobile, a recent study by Think With Google found that the average time it takes to load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds.

Publishers who don’t adapt to mobile user needs are less likely to retain new visitors. This reduces their ability to convert site visits into ad revenue.

To get your mobile site up to speed, keep these insights in mind:

  1. Dedicate time to discover current issues on your mobile site: Tools like PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test, and Web Page Test will highlight the areas of your site that need attention.
  2. Optimize your mobile site for speed: Get rid of bulky content, reduce the number of server requests, and consolidate data and analytics tags. Prioritize loading elements  that are visible above the fold first - styling, javascript logic, and images accessed after the tap, scroll, or swipe can be loaded later.
  3. Monitor your progress: Run regular A/B tests to audit performance and remove anything that lowers  speed or harms user experience. Whenever you update your analytics data, evaluate your requests and remove outdated collection pixels.

Once you’ve got your fast mobile site running smoothly on small-screens, take these additional steps to maximize your profits and ensure that you’re compliant with the AdSense program policies.

  • Help prevent accidental clicks by moving ad units 150 pixels away from your content.
  • Use responsive ad units, which automatically adapt your ad sizes to fit any screen.  
  • Use the 320x100 ad size instead of the 320x50 where possible. By using the 320x100 ad unit, you allow the 320x50 ad to compete as well, doubling the fill-rate competition.
  • Place a 320x100 ad unit just above the fold.
  • Be as consistent as possible across screens - make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for regardless of the device they’re using. 


Keep AdSense safe for everyone

After signing up for an AdSense account, you’ll need to make sure your website is policy-compliant before getting approved.

While AdSense will work behind the scenes to maximize your performance, it’s your responsibility  to make sure your content and placements adhere to AdSense policies.

Violation of AdSense policies can lead to your account being suspended or your website removed from the network. To keep your account in good standing, follow these best practices:

  • Don’t click your own ads, or ask others to click them. These clicks won’t count toward revenue and may lead to an account suspension. Even if you’re interested in an ad or looking for its destination URL, clicking on your own ads is considered an invalid click and is prohibited.
  • Maximize content, not ads per page. It’s important that original, regularly updated content remains the focal point of your website.
  • Don’t use deceptive layouts. If the line between your content and your ads becomes blurred to your readers, those ads will be flagged as a violation. 
  • Take responsibility for your traffic. Use Google Analytics to quickly identify and resolve unusual traffic patterns. If you’re unsure of what counts as invalid traffic, then watch this short video.
  • Always follow the Code Implementation Guide and don’t try to modify your AdSense code.

Our Webmaster Guidelines provides detailed notes on how to avoid spammy content and our all-in-one compliance guide is a resource for you to reduce the possibility of receiving a policy violation.

If you have any other questions about AdSense policy check out our Help Center to learn more, or join an #AskAdSense session Thursdays at 9:30am PT to speak directly with a support specialist.

Our beginner’s series will continue with ideas on how to plan and create content that sells.

If you think content monetization is right for your website, then try AdSense.

Posted by: Jay Castro from the AdSense team 

Sabtu, 15 April 2017

Gaya Gravitasi di Balik Sukses Tidaknya Seorang Blogger

Gaya Gravitasi di Balik Sukses Tidaknya Seorang Blogger

Saya selalu bertanya-tanya, mengapa Michael Arrington si pencipta TechCrunch menjadi blogger paling sukses sepanjang masa. Blog sederhananya mampu mencuri perhatian orang-orang berkantong tebal di Silicon Valley untuk menumpahkan banyak uang. Sukses ini mampu mengantarnya jadi "Nabi Silicon Valley" dikemudian hari.

Atau Arianna Huffington yang mampu menyulap blog pribadinya jadi media arus

Jumat, 07 April 2017

Perbarui Konten: Cara Meningkatkan Posisi Konten di SERP, #5 ke #1 [Studi Kasus]

Perbarui Konten: Cara Meningkatkan Posisi Konten di SERP, #5 ke #1 [Studi Kasus]

Pada dasarnya SEO adalah jalur yang ditempuh oleh seseorang agar situsnya masuk halaman satu.

Namun pada prakteknya, SEO itu dibuat rumit.

Buktinya, pernahkah Anda berpikir bagaimana cara meningkatkan posisi konten?


Saya yakin, Anda hanya terfokus pada konten apa yang harus dibuat setelah ini, bukan bagaimana caranya memperbaiki konten lama yang tidak "sukses".

Padahal, jika Anda

Selasa, 04 April 2017

Cara Dapat Bayaran Rp50.000 Untuk Satu Tulisan di BaBe

Cara Dapat Bayaran Rp50.000 Untuk Satu Tulisan di BaBe

Jika masih ada yang menganggap menulis itu mudah dan murah, maka mulailah berpikir dua tiga kali. Menulis mungkin mudah bagi sebagian orang, tapi tidak mesti dihargai cukup murah. Karna karya tulis adalah kekayaan intelektual setiap manusia yang seharunya dihargai sepantasnya.

Saya sering mendapati orang-orang yang memesan satu tulisan dengan harga yang tidak manusiawi. Misal membayar

Minggu, 02 April 2017

Download Film Terbaru 2017

Nonton Film Online
Download Film Terbaru 2017 kalau ditilik dari segi judul artikelnya kayanya sih saya menyediakan link untuk download film-film padahal itu cuman judul doang..haha.
Rasanya terlalu lama blog ini tidak saya update sampai-sampai saya sendiri agak lupa cara ngeblog.

Nonton Film Online atau pun nonton di bioskop adalah salah satu cara kita untuk membuat frezzzz otak,karena dengan dibawa berhibur diri sejenak kita bisa melupakan segala kepenatan.Sekarang ini di bioskop-bioskop banyak memutar film-film yang saya rasa bisa membuat kita agak terhibur dan saya lihat juga film-filmnya pada baru semua.

Kebetulan tadi siang saya bersama keluarga menonton film semua itu atas ajakan anak saya yang paling bontot katanya sih dia lagi ada refensi film yang bagus dan cocok untuk dilihat.Download Film Online Terbaru sering juga saya lakukan karena banyak juga situs-situs yang menyediakan film-film yang cukup bagus dan bisa saya tonton disela-sela kesibukan.
Duluuu banget sekitar tahun 80-90an film-film biasanya sering kita saksikan lewat layar tancap atau di bioskop-bioskop murah meriah tapi ada rasa kesenangan yang tak bisa dilukiskan,beda dengan sekarang nonton dibioskop yang cukup wahhh namun nilai rasa kesenangannya agak berkurang.

Saya ingat sekali sekitar tahun 80an nonton video dengan membayar 50 perak saja bangganya minta ampun apalagi kalau filmnya yang diputar itu film kungfu dan bintang filmnya Wang Yu atau pun Lo Lieh aduhhhh senengnya minta ampun.Sekarang ini kalau saya perhatikan film nasional agak mulai disukai oleh para kalangan anak muda dan itu bagus sekali untuk kelangsungan film-film nasional agar bisa bersaing dengan film-film barat atau pun film-film hongkong.

Apalagi sekarang ini teknologinya makin canggih dan salah satu contoh film barat yang saya rasa anak bangsa harus bisa membuat seperti film ini dan tidak mustahil kelak kita akan bisa meniru teknologi-teknologi yang orang barat punya.Salah satu contoh film barat yang saya maksud itu adalah SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING.
Nah siapa tahu dimasa yang akan datang salah satu anak bangsa bisa memproduksi film-film yang berteknologi tinggi seperti pada film spiderman tersebut. Sampai disini dulu coretan saya moga saja nanti akan disambung lagi tapi tentunya dengan tema Tips Seo Untuk Blogger seperti tema blog ini,terima kasih sudah membaca artikel saya tentang Download Film Terbaru 2017.

Sabtu, 01 April 2017

Cara Mendapatkan Uang dengan Menulis di UC News

Cara Mendapatkan Uang dengan Menulis di UC News

Saya selalu mengingatkan pengunjung Blogooblok untuk terus menulis. Karena dengan menulis banyak hal bisa terjadi. Salah satunya mendapatkan penghasilan. Kalau menulis di blog bagi Anda cukup sulit untuk mendulang uang, karena Google Adsense tidak kunjung menerima surat cinta Anda. Maka salurkan hobby menulis itu ke tempat lain.

Saat ini sudah sangat banyak aplikasi atau layanan agregator di